Assistance please

Am new here how do I go about my trading?

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Have you signed up already? Its the first step. After signup, fund your ewallet and then choose any contestant you like and buy the emp.

How long will it takes for withdrawal to be process ?

Since you are on this platform I assume you have registered. If you have not, create an account on
It is advisable to watch the video on the website.
Once you’ve created your account, verify your email and then login, once on your dashboard, go through your menu to trade on the voice Nigeria. Buy low, sell high.

@Royal1 thanks so much for the info I appreciate

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As hell has said,after buying the emp,you can still decide to sell but its still advisable to wait so the Price can increase

Usually within minutes. Take note of the 100 naira charges attached to each withdrawal

@adelekepeace1 thanks for the quick response

@Royal1 the withdrawal timing is for me as far I can get cash back on time am gam

That is why it is better to wait for sometime before rushing to do a withdrawal everyday

But it isn’t easy to withdraw just like that while the selling price is still low

@easibor what do you advice I do when it comes to withdrawal timing ?

@adelekepeace1 so is good to wait for raise before cashing out right ?

Watch the show, wager on if your contestants performed well or not, decide to sell or hold

Yes…its very advisable to wait for the market increase

@Royal1 wow this is amazing

@adelekepeace1 thanks so much u are helpfull

Sign up,pay in cash,there are different options to do so there and start buying the emps of your favourite contestant

@Jessica thanks so much